About Max Bricker

Hi everybody, my name is Maximilian Bricker. If you knew me before this website started, you probably know I am the ultimate sports fan. My memorization of stats may be annoying to some, and I could watch or talk about sports literally all day long. It happens every sunday. My goal one day is to have a career in sports. Whether it be through radio, journalism, or working for an organization, I aspire to have a career doing something with professional sports. This site was made to give me and my friend, Lucas, a good chance to get our names out there and see how good we are at analyzing sports. Read the blogs and watch the videos, and contact us on what you think of them. Enjoy the site, and pass the word onto others.


5 thoughts on “About Max Bricker

  1. so far, so good.
    as a casual sports fan, i have an observation, when i hear someone talking about ‘tommy john’ i expect they are talking about a person instead of a medical procedure.
    max, if you know of a good statistics teacher, take the class! it will pay off in many ways for sure.

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