Playoffs Picks Part 2

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports


As you all know, last week I was a perfect 4 out of 4 on my playoffs predictions. Let’s see how it goes this week:

-Broncos 27, Ravens 13.

-49ers 35, Packers 28.

-Patriots 38, Texans 21.

-Seahawks 17, Falcons 16.

There they are; normally I would give reasons as to why each team would win their respective game, but not this time. I just have a hunch that those four teams will meet in the AFC/NFC Championship games. Tell me what you think.


8 thoughts on “Playoffs Picks Part 2

  1. 2 out of 4 – not bad for most people, but your fans expect more. The big games were yesterday. Broncos suck and the Niners, particularly Kap, rule. Besides the obvious terrible play in which the Ravens scored at the end of the fourth quarter, the Broncos lost because their offensive play calling was terrible – way too conservative – and terrible calls by the refs. Getting a head start on next weekend’s games: Niners by 21 with Kap running for 200+ yds and passing for 400+ yds; Pats by 13 over the Ravens.

  2. Max, I’m with you on the first 3 . The toss-up will be Seahawks & Falcons … Go Russell ! And, get some rest I hear sleep has been hard to come by lately ~~~

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