La Fiesta!

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports


Tonight marks the fourth BCS bowl game, the Fiesta Bowl, and the BCS has been anything but a fiesta so far. The three games so far have been as follows: Boring, Crazy, and Stupid. That is what the BCS has come to.

The Rose Bowl was boring; that is the best way I can describe it. Stanford scored three points in the second half, and Wisconsin threw up a bagel- that’s right, ZERO points. The two teams combined to score one field goal in the entire second half. I do not want to see that.

The Orange Bowl was stupid. Northern Illinois sure did not belong to play in that game, but did Florida State even deserve to play in such a decorated bowl? The game was a blowout, and Florida State didn’t even play well! A mediocre #12 Florida State won a game that usually hosts two of the top five teams in the nation; what a disgrace.

The Sugar Bowl last night was crazy. At least the game was entertaining, upsets are always good to watch. However, the upset was a result of the terrible match-ups in these games. #3 vs. #21? No wonder Florida lost; they probably didn’t even practice over the last month. Florida was expecting a chance in the championship game, and ended up playing a team that barely won a terrible conference in the Big East. How crazy is that.

What kind of party is that? A lame one. At least the Fiesta Bowl is being played tonight, and this one has serious potential. This game features two top five teams (#4 Oregon v. #5 Kansas State), two teams that were undefeated and ranked #1 and #2 just weeks before the season ended. This looked like a Championship match-up back in November, and it should be a good match-up tonight.

People may think Chip Kelly has one foot out the door to the NFL and won’t put up a good fight, but those people will be proven wrong. K State may be a physical team, but Oregon is as fast as any team in the nation. Expect a high scoring game- both teams rank in the top eight in scoring offense. Colin Klein may have been a Heisman candidate, but the Oregon offense features too many weapons, including: Deanthony Thomas, Kenjon Barner, and Marcus Mariota.

My prediction: Oregon 38, K State 28.

Speaking of NFL coaching vacancies, it is rumored that Andy Reid may take the job in Kansas City. The jokes were being raked in on Jay Mohr’s new sports radio talk show, jokes such as:

“I hope KC waits till Andy signs the dotted line before they tell him its ‘Chiefs’ not ‘Chefs'” and

“‘I’m so happy to be a member of the KFC Chefs…. Wait what??? The KC Chiefs!?! Nevermind’ – Andy Reid”

I never get tired of emails and tweets that are read on the air by radio hosts such as Jim Rome and Mohr, I could listen Fox Sports 1400 AM for hours. Wait… no I can’t… because 1400 AM is no longer Fox SPORTS, it is now Fox NEWS! It was changed on January 1. Seriously? Instead of listening to the likes of Rome and Dan Patrick, I have to listen to the likes of Sean Hannity. Does America not realize that sports are more important than politics? What a freaking disgrace; it makes me sick.



5 thoughts on “La Fiesta!

  1. Hey Fella’s … Take it easy. Yep, Johnny M. was “terrific” … And, I’m sure both the Redwood Girls Swim Team & Handford Girls Basketball programs are totally Amazing . However, How about Chip Kelly (a.k.a.) ‘Chipper’ heading to San Diego ! NO HUDDEL … NO MERCY ~~~

  2. A few thoughts for your consideration: Johnny Football was terrific tonight – lets hope the sophomore jinx doesn’t apply next year. If Chipper decides to leave, I predict the Ducks will still be a top 5 team next year – you heard it here first. And if you want to show good knowledge, you should mention a local program that has been dominate for many years (no, I am not referring to the Redwood Girls Swim Team) – I am referring to the Hanford Girls Basketball program.

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