Clippers get Clipped, Michigan gets Hit

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

blake griffin

This article was supposed to be about the flaming hot Los Angeles Clippers and their 17 game win streak… but then they went out and lost to the Nuggets tonight- that really puts a damper on the enthusiasm I had to write about how great they are.

Regardless, they have still won 17 of their last 18 games, and are tied for the best record in the west. Not only are the Clippers balanced- great point guard, physical big men, solid bench- they might be the most entertaining team in the NBA in my lifetime. Even Laker great Magic Johnson called the Clippers “Showtime”, the name that Magic and the Lakers held in the 80’s; the only difference being that the Lakers won.

This may be the Clip’s year- Lakers are old, Celtics are ancient, and the Spurs make both of those team look young. However, they will have to deal with a Thunder team that is better than ever, and has a chance to make up for last years runner-up finish. James Harden who?

Honestly, I don’t care who wins the NBA Championship… as long as it is not the Heat.

-In other news, College Football finally gave us another good bowl game today, only to go back to its roots and give us two more blowouts. Why was Oklahoma State playing Purdue, and why is Northern Illinois playing Florida State?

The one good game was more than good, it was great. It was Michigan vs. South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, and the Old Ball Coach was as great as ever.

The game featured some of the worst officiating and some of the best football I have seen in months. Did anybody see the 3rd and inches call that brought out the chains for the measurement? The ball was obviously several inches short of the marker, yet the official seemed to have lost his contacts, and gave Michigan the first down.

Filled with rage, South Carolina had to do something to keep the OBC from exploding on the refs. It was the very next play of the game, and it may be the hardest hit I have ever seen. The game ended on a spectacular 36 yard TD pass with just 11 seconds to play for the Gamecocks, but the play of the game was made by Defensive End Jadeveon Clowney. Literally the next play after the terrible call, Clowney shifted momentum by sending the Michigan running back back into 2012. Talk about a smack in the mouth! Not only did Clowney make the runner’s helmet fly back twenty yards, he proceeded to pick up the ball  and run with it. That might be the biggest, clean hit of the year. I am surprised John Gruden did not stand up in the booth and start screaming about how that was a “big time play”. He may not have done that, but he probably did pee in his pants a little. If you have yet to see this hit, then watch the video, and enjoy.


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