Year in Review

Written by Max Bricker

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2012 has now come to an end. It was a year of excitement and drama, a year that seemed to fly by. We are still here on planet earth; the world, not surprisingly, did not end. Hopefully all of the zombie apocalpse bomb shelter freaks feel like fools. In efforts to keep this article less than 5,000 words, I will only cover the topics of the year that first come to mind. Be sure to comment what things I left out or put in unnessicarily.

Instead of having a list of the best and worst things of the year, I am going to do things a little bit different. Follow along.

Things in 2012 that I was glad to see come to an end:

-TNF. This was the first year in NFL history that Thursday Night Football was on all season long, and it was- in my opinion- a failure. Roger Gooddell seems to be so worried about player safety, so what does he do? He schedules games so players coming off a brutal sunday game have to get hurt four days later. That wasn’t even the worst part- the intro song and terrible match-ups turned Thursday Night Football from bad to worse. Some of the TNF games included match-ups such as: Buccaneers v. Vikings, Chargers v. Chiefs, and Bills v. Dolphins. Those are not prime-time teams, so why are they playing on national television?! And who asked Cee Lo Green to sing before the game? I think South Park did it justice in the “Sarcastaball” episode. Basically TNF was a waste of time and was something that should never have happened. I would almost rather watch HGTV or a WNBA game… actually women’s basketball is worse, scratch that.

-The Lance Armstrong ordeal. Cycling is a sport that less than 5% of Americans care about, so who cares if he was stripped of his Tour de France championships? He may have cheated, but he was in the majority. Other cyclers bashing on Lance Armstrong is like the pot calling the kettle black- they all juiced. Thank God that issue is out of the news.

Things in 2012 that I wish never ended:

-The MLB playoffs. This years baseball playoffs were the best that I can remeber, even though some people were offended by the one game playoff for the wild card spot. Every series came down to the wire except for the World Series, and that was great to see the Tigers get their butt kicked by the Giants. The Giants postseason run was spectacular, as it included: two 3-1 series deficits that were overcome, a World Series sweep, a three homerun World Series game by the Panda (only the 4th in history), some bizarre dancing by a back-up closer who was lights out, and a rain-soaked Erin Andrews being in the dugout interviewing the players. Can’t get much better than that. If only Tim McCarver and Joe Buck were replaced in the booth…

-The Olympics. Crazy that it was only 5 months since the start of the Olympics, huh? It seemed so long ago. The Olympics only lasts two weeks, but I could watch some of those sports year round. Nothing is better than seeing athletes compete for their country and for pride instead of just money. It features some great sports that are otherwise not televised, such as Water Polo and Swimming (Ok, I might be a little biased), and introduced me to sports I had never seen before, such as Handball. It is not the handball that is like the cheap man’s raquetball, this one is badass. Check it out online. Also, who knew fencing was so entertaining? I would just be afraid that sword thing would stab through me.

Most Impressive Play of the Year:

-It has to go to Michael Phelps. Not for what he did in the pool, but what he did on the green. Now that Michael is done with swimming he has all sorts of time to try new things, such as sink 120 feet putts. Has he started hanging out with the Honey Badger yet? No floating pictures on the internet of Phelps taking bong hits yet, so he must be staying clean.

Worst Vocabulary of the Year:

-It has to go to Gronk. Rob Gronkowski may be one of the best tight ends in the league, but he may be one of the least intelligent. We all know that Gronk loves to party, as we have seen from him and bros dancing after he lost the Super Bowl at an LMFAO concert. This interview was before the Super Bowl, but it seems like Gronk was so stoked for the after party that he couldn’t put his sentences together… in english or spanish. It means huge? Yo soy fiesta?

Most Insane Ending of the Year:

-Many of you may not follow soccer, but you have to appreciate how Manchester City won the Premier League Championship. Down 2-1 to QPR in the 90th minute, it looked like the Championship was going, once again, to Manchester United. Man City then scored twice in stoppage time to win 3-2 and lock up the championship, the club’s first in 44 years. In other soccer news, I forgot FIFA 13 in my dorm room over the break, so I have had nothing to do at home.

I realize that I am leaving out so much that happened in 2012, but my hands are getting tired and I have to go to the gym. Tell me what I left out and what your favorite part of 2012 was. As for 2013, there are so many questions to be answered: Will Notre Dame recapture their championship by beating Alabama? Will Tiger win another Major, ever? Is hockey going to miss another full season?Will the Penthouse continue to grow in popularity? All of those things will be answered next year.


6 thoughts on “Year in Review

  1. Hey Max great article, I know everyone hates the Heat (including me) but I think we have to acknowledge Lebron becoming the new “king” of the NBA. On a homer note Adrian Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards in a pass happy league, do you think we see anyone ever surpass that in our life time who’s name isn’t Adrian Peterson? Great point about TNF and injuries, obviously all the NFL network cares about is pressuring cable networks into carrying them. Looking forward to more articles in 2013!

    • Adrian Petersons season this year was absolutely incredible. Not only is it possible that no other player could have such a year ever again, can AP even do it again? I think not. It may have been a once in a generation type of thing

  2. 2012 for me, Olylimpics are always great,loved watching them when , i was wearing tubes socks and converses.Now it’s slippers and pajamas. Moneyball was great to watch,but it couldn’t have happen, SF ddn’t need another earthquake. Freshman Hiesman winner, we didn.t need another Golden Domer. NBA got what they wanted, but
    who really cares. The scrap at PIR , recorded and made wife watch and kids. Jimmie Johnsons run for 6th championship. Eli’s deer in the headlights look, we won.
    Mt Whitneys back to back Cowhide run.
    PIR Phoenix Intrernational Raceway

  3. BM – let’s see, here are a few memorable items that you neglected to mention: (1) The Broncos awesome run to make the playoffs (last regular season game may have been in January) and their playoff game upset of the Steelers in OT; (2) Kentucky’s great basketball season that ended with an NCAA championship (with 5 freshmen starting); (3) Cal’s men and women swimming teams winning NCAA championships; (4) Mike Trout’s great rookie season on an underachieving Angels team; (5) 49ers finishing a great 2011 season with an appearance in the NFC championship game; (6) Yankees got smoked in the playoffs by the Tigers; (7) as a follow-up to Item (4), the Angeles signed Josh Hamilton and got rid of several underperforming players – expect a lot of 8-7 games in 2013; (8) several rookie quarterbacks having great seasons and getting their teams into the playoffs; and (9) the Cowboys are once again on the verge of not making the playoffs. This is FOW material – and it’s just the tip of iceberg. FBM

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