All Day

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports


Adrian Peterson’s father was the man who came up with the nickname “All Day” for his son. This was because Adrian had a motor that would not stop, and A.P. is proving that right now. Approaching the last game of the year, Adrian has 1,898 rushing yards- 102 short of the 2,000 mark that has only been reached six times, and 207 short of Eric Dickerson’s single-season record. Peterson and the Vikings play the Packers on sunday, and more than just a rushing record is at stake.

The Vikings currently hold a 9-6 record, a record that was predicted by no one. The task is simple for the Vikings this weekend: Win, and they’re in. However, it is easier said than done. They have to play a tough Packers team that is quietly having a great season and has a QB that is among the leagues best.

Speaking of the Packers, why does it seem like half of their roster is in half of all the commercials on television? Has anybody else noticed this? Clay Matthews is everywhere with Fathead and Gillete, Greg Jennings has several commercials with Old Spice, and Aaron Rodgers is in those annoying State Farm commercials with the fat kid who yells “discount double check!” and looks like a long-haired version of Ham from The Sandlot. It makes no sense to me. What’s next, Head Coach Mike McCarthy in a Viagra commercial? Oh wait… that would more likely be all the NFL corner backs who pop Viagra pills before game, according to Brandon Marshall. Does Marshall have personal experience with going against a defensive back who is geeked up on Viagra out on the wing? That must be a little awkward.

Anyways, the Packers are a good team. And, after looking at the stats, it looks a very difficult task for the Vikings to beat the Pack. Considering the Vikings are dead last in the NFL in passing yards and middle of the pack in most defensive stats, beating the Pack seems like a miracle. How could a team with Christian Ponder come close to hanging with the Pack; his quarterbacking skills make Mark Sanchez look decent. Now that Percy Harvin went down, can you name one receiver on that squad? The only that came to my mind was Kyle Rudolph, and he’s a Tight End!

The only way the Vikings will beat the Pack and make the Playoffs is through one man: Adrian Peterson. Where would Minnesota be without him? Three wins? Maybe four? Without A.P. that team would be at the bottom of the barrel of the NFC; can you argue against that? That is why Peterson deserves to be MVP.

A.P. will be looking to break Dickerson’s rushing record on sunday, and I hope he does it. Not only are he and his team having an incredible season, he is doing it less than one year after having terrible knee surgery! Injury can be an excuse for many NFL players to have mediocre careers, but Peterson was going to have none of that. He is now on the verge of breaking a record that looked unbreakable, especially in an era where passing is king. What he is doing is remarkable, and it is reason alone to watch the Minnesota game on Sunday. Just tune out those 300 pound freaks who wear helmets with long blonde braids in the stands if it really bothers you. They are pretty bizarre.


2 thoughts on “All Day

  1. You never popped Viagra before water polo games? That was always my secret to success! Nobody guards the guy with a hard on.

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