Happy Holidays!

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports


Attention! This is the last article you will read that was written by myself over the next two weeks. I know this disappoints many of you readers, and I thank you for the following. The reason for the hiatus is my alter ego has real things to do; real things as in get a job and make some money. I recently got a job and my day is now stacked, hence the lack of articles over the past few days. This will continue over the next few weeks, and I do not want to rush some half-ass articles that suck and show a lack of knowledge. Therefore, I will refrain from writing and come back with a vengeance on the 26th. The Penthouse looks to get even bigger in 2013, so stay with us. Here are a few lasting impressions before the break:

-My Christmas came a little bit early. It was announced today that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim signed Josh Hamilton to a five-year deal; I first heard on the drive home from work today, and I almost peed in my pants. I am ecstatic, as this proves that Arte Moreno wants to win NOW! With Trout and Pujols and Hamilton, the Angels look so much better today than they did the day I saw Torii Hunter go to the Tigers. However, the Angels aren’t the only So-Cal team making noise. And no, I’m not talking about the Padres- have they ever made noise? I am talking about the L.A. Dodgers- the Dodgers are the new Yankees, and I hope they get hated on as well. They deserve it! Management is throwing money around like they just passed “Go” and are on their way to owning Boardwalk. The Dodgers have the highest payroll in all of baseball in 2013, going over 210 mil. They may have a monopoly over the free agent market in the N.L., but by no means does that equal a pennant. Hey, I’m not even saying the Angels will win they’re division! However, Angel fans are not gloating like the “Doyer” fans. Sorry for bringing it up, Dodger fans, but who are the defending Champs? Oh yeah…

-Speaking of So-Cal, what is up with the Lakers? This topic may be the most over-talked subject on ESPN, but still, what is up? They lost to the 5-17 Cavs the other night, and now stand at 9-13. And it looks like the Clips bandwagon may be getting bigger! Even I have almost joined; Lob City is the greatest show on the hardwood. I might, in fact, if the Sac Town Kings keep up their thing.

-Week 15 will decide which NFL teams will be legitimate contenders. For the NFC, I expect the Redskins to start flexing their muscles. Their next three games consist of: At Cleveland, At Philly, v. Dallas. That might be the easiest remaining schedule in all of football, and the Skins could easily go 10-6 (after starting 3-6). As for the AFC, look for the Steelers to squeeze into the Playoffs (Playoffs?!). The Steelers do this every year- decent start, bad losses to medicore teams throughout, and a buckle down at the end to make the post-season. Losing to the Chargers last week was their bad loss, so expect the Steelers to win two out of three to just make it in.

-Thank God college football is introducing a playoff system in 2014. The BCS is always bad, but they really took the extra step to be awful this year. Here is one example: Fresno State finished 9-3 this year- MWC Co-Champs, just outside the Top 25- and is playing 6-6 SMU in their bowl game. Nevada finished 7-5 this year- 5th in the MWC, lost badly to Fresno- and is playing previously ranked Arizona. How does Nevada play a Pac-12 team play when Fresno St. plays a terrible SMU team?! This is an outrage!!! Prediction: The Bulldogs will finish in the top 15 next year. I will return December 26th, so I will not miss any good bowl games. All of the bowls before that date are filler games, and feature teams that do not deserve to be on television. Don’t worry, we will cover the good bowls here at The Penthouse. Those bowls don’t start till Jan 1, so they will get lots of coverage.

-Erin Andrews may have some competition! As you all know, I have a huge crush on Erin Andrews. I think she is the hottest woman on television covering sports, and she is the perfect woman. However, I have recently found another girl… and her name is Erin too. Her name is Erin Sharoni- she is a correspondent on Jim Rome’s new Showtime show, and she loves to talk sports and talk smack. Look her up and tell me what you think. Is she as hot as Erin Andrews? I still give the slight edge to Andrews, but it sure is close.

That wraps it up for now. Even though I will not be witing articles during the next two weeks, I will still be watching tons of sports. Christmas season features NFL, NBA, Bowl games, and NCAA basketball. I encourage you to keep up with the latest news, and then tell me what you want to hear about when we return.

One last note: The Lakers just lost again, this time to the Knicks. Sorry Lakers fan… I had to.

Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. First off, the Dodgers will have a better record than the “Defending Champions” next season; I will put money on it. Secondly, last year the Angels were predicted to be in the World Series… They didn’t even make the playoffs. Having Josh Hamilton batting cleanup (for way too much money) will definitely help, but they do not have the pitching to carry them in the playoffs. If they can score R.A. Dickey that may be a different story. Thirdly, the Lakers are the biggest disappointment of the year. I don’t see them making that big of a turnaround (coming from a Laker fan).

    • Let’s do it! Ten bucks. Just rremember what happened last time we bet! And watch out for the defending champs… While LA teams are making noise they got a steal in Andres Torres (sarcasm). As for R.A. Dickey, I hope the angels can get him. At least as an L.A. fan you can have hope for one team… Dodgers will be better. But yeah lakers suck lol

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