NFL Updates

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports


Here are some thoughts at 3 in the afternoon:

-Andrew Luck hype has grown tired. He may be decent, he may be the quarterback of the future, but he may also be overrated. In fact, he is overrated, at least for the amount that he receives. People need to quit drooling over his sensational rookie composure- three other rookies outperformed him today. Russell Wilson is currently beating the Cardinals 31-0, RG3 (despite getting injured) tore apart the Ravens defense, and even RG3’s teammate Kirk Cousins made clutch plays to beat the Ravens down the stretch. Andrew Luck didn’t even complete 50% of his passes! Let’s put the Rookie of the Year award debate to rest… it is all RG3.

-As I have said before, the Falcons are pretenders, not contenders. The 30-20 defeat to the lowly Panthers; Fig Newton actually exploded and dominated the dirty birds, I was impressed. Expect the Falcons to control the #1 seed going into the playoffs, but also expect them to be booted out in the NFC divisional round.

-The Eagles won a game for the first time in 70 days! Nice! They can now say that they have won a game more recently than the Phillies; previous to today that was not the case. They are still pathetic.

-I may be a huge fan of Peyton Manning, but I am rooting for Adrian Peterson to win the MVP. AP ran all over the Bears today in a winning effort, despite having a quarterback who, to be honest, sucks. The Vikings are making noise in that division, but they need a new quarterback- anybody have Brett Favre on speed dial?

-The Lions take on the Pack tonight on the frozen tundra. There has yet to be a game in the snow, so I am crossing my fingers that Green Bay has some flurries. Matt Stafford will still throw upwards of 300 yards, but expect it to come in a losing effort. Hope you brought your athletic cup, Aaron Rodgers; Ndamukong Suh is playing tonight.

Packers 24, Lions 17.


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