Yo, Adrian!

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports


You know what… I was wrong in that last article- There ARE exciting things going on in the sports world today. Tonight is the night that features Pacquiao v. Marquez, Boxing’s best fight in months.

You know what… Actually, I may have been right. Despite Manny Pacquiao being the current Michael Phelps of the sport of Boxing, this fight interests me in no way. I am not going to claim to be a boxing fan, but I have always been interested in classic boxing stats in the Almanac. So, pretty much, any boxing within the last twenty years has not interested me. Don’t comment on this article telling me I’m leaving out great boxers in the last twenty years with irrelevant statistics that mean nothing to me.

Some people think that Boxing is as stupid of a sport as NASCAR, but those people are ignorant. Boxing was a huge sport in America at one point, and boxing is featured in one of the greatest sports movies of all time: Rocky. Despite the inability of Sylveter Stallone to put together a decent audible sentence, it is a remarkable and inspirational film. However, did the many sequels of Rocky ruin Boxing? If the sport of Boxing isn’t dead already, it’s on a respirator- similar to Stallone’s acting career. Rocky 6, or Rocky Balboa, just went to show that Sly loves to continue making movies until they are beat into the ground. It is almost as if Boxing got worse and worse with every sequel that came out. Let’s hope that Stallone isn’t able to put the gloves on anymore.

One should respect the time and effort that boxers put in just to beat the snot out of someone for half an hour; boxers are crazy people. I recently saw a HBO special on Manny Pacquiao and his training regimen, and I couldn’t believe it. After seeing what retired boxers have to deal with (cauliflower ear, shaking, etc.), I wonder why anyone would want to be a boxer. However, these guys are passionate about what they do. A great boxing match is like watching ballet- the feet work and strategy is almost artistic.

The only problem is: I never see a good boxing match. I am not a big boxing fan, and certainly not big enough to have to pay to watch. I will pay to watch the NFL, maybe the MLB, but that is about it. It is ridiculous that the only good boxing matches now a days are on Pay-Per-View; it is an absolute shame. Until I am able to see a big time match on national television, I am not interested.

I am also not interested in Boxing until I see the fight that everyone wants to see- Pacquiao v. Mayweather. People don’t want to see Pacquioa face a guy he has already beaten twice, and faced three times previously, people want to see the two (self-proclaimed) best boxers go at it. This is the only match that I would pay to watch, as it has been hyped for what seems like a decade now. Until then, I am not going to pay attention to those two bicker back and forth and refuse to fight each other for whatever excuse. Just beat each other’s faces in already, would you!!

With the popularity of UFC rising and rising, Boxing is being forgotten. The only hope for a Boxing comeback is the Pacquiao v. Mayweather fight, and it is almost too late already. Until it happens, to quote Jim Rome, “Now I’m done” with talking about boxing.

New article on the Baseball Hot Stove coming tomorrow.


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