Johnny Heisman

Written by Max Bricker

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johnny heisman

It is official: Johnny Manziel has won the Heisman Trophy. This should come as a surprise to no one, as Johnny’s numbers were, as Bill Walton would say, “unbelievable!” Not only did Johnny Football have ridiculous numbers (1st freshman to have 3,000 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing, over 4,600 total yards, 43 total touchdowns), better numbers than Tim Tebow or “Fig” Newton, his swagger and great athleticism gave Texas A&M their best season in decades. No college football guru expected the Aggies to win ten games in the SEC- they couldn’t even do that in the Big 12! I even wrote in article (First Stop: Big 12) in October in which I supported the Big 12, saying that losing Texas A&M was no big deal. I was wrong. Imagine how much more dominant Johnny Football would have been had he been playing against the defenses of Baylor or West Virginia- there would have been absolutely no dispute between who is the better quarterback: him, or Colin Klein. The big win in Tuscaloosa was the highlight of the year for all ‘Bama haters, and it solidified his legitimacy in the Heisman race.

I am not sure who gave Manziel the “Johnny Football” nickname, but it now should be “Johnny Heisman”. When Tim Tebow won the Heisman as a sophomore, sports fans thought history would be made. Tebow had two more years of eligibility, so it was assumed that Tebow would win three Heismans in a row; unfortunately for Tim, he never finished higher than 3rd again.

Manziel just did something that no freshman has ever accomplished before: win the Heisman trophy. He now has at least  two years to win a second Heisman, something only one player has done in the history of college football: Archie Griffin. Manziel now has the opportunity to beat Griffin’s achievement, by winning a third, or even fourth, Heisman trophy. It is beyond premature to think that Johnny Heisman will win another, but why not think? He has potential to be even better in the years to come, barring a career-ending injury. I am sure the next Heisman is not on his mind, and it shouldn’t be- he should be focused on the upcoming bowl game and winning championships in the future.

Just because Manti T’eo did not win the Heisman does not mean he isn’t a great football player. The fact that a defensive player came as close as he did to beating Manziel is in a feat in itself; he should not hang his head. T’eo has more important things to worry about, such as the BCS Championship game. Expect T’eo to come up large in the Championship victory over the Tide to prove that he did deserve to be in the Heisman running. That’s right, I said it- a victory over the Tide.  It may be a brash statement, but I will explain in the upcoming weeks.

The sports world has been electric in the past few months, meaning there are plenty of topics to talk about here at The Penthouse. However, it has been rather dull of late. There has been several tragedies in the NFL, another death occurring today. I would prefer to avoid these topics, as sports is a way for men (and women) to escape from the serious issues of the real world to be entertained. Therefore, I prefer to talk about strictly sports games or funny sports (or non-sports) videos. I am currently watching another 30 to 30 special on Bo Jackson, so that is a possible topic. Regardless, comment some topics that you want to see covered, and we will cover it. Do it!


One thought on “Johnny Heisman

  1. Lets see, there are several worthy topics – first, it’s doesn’t happen often, but it’s nice to see that Mr. Penthouse can admit it when he is wrong. Second, your readers don’t want to see excessive Bama bashing, including criticism of Nick’s sideline demeanor. Third, you were have been on the J. Football bandwagon earlier than most – good insight. Fourth, you might consider having a intro theme song on your videos. Finally, how about your thoughts on a real dynasty – USC Men’s Water Polo – they just won their third or fourth consecutive NCAA championship.

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