Dwight Coward

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

dwight howard

It may be too soon- or may not matter this early in the season- but I think the Lakers made a huge mistake in not hiring Phil Jackson. The Lakers have lost two in a row, five out of ten, and are now 8-10. Lakers fans will argue that you can’t even look at their record until Steve Nash returns, which goes to show that they are, in fact, worried. Speaking of Steve Nash, when is he going to return? At first they said it was a small contusion- just a day-to-day injury. It has now been one month, and it is still uncertain when he will return.

The absence of Steve Nash is not the only reason they are losing all of these close games; the absence of Dwight Howard’s free throw accuracy is the reason. The Lakers have lost several games by fewer points than the amount of free throws that Dwight Howard has missed. He is 142nd in the league in free throw percentage, dead freaking last. He has now attempted over 200 free throws- nearly 40 more than the runner-up has attempted. He is now at a whopping 46.8%, less than his regular shooting percentage. He even lost in a contest to the L.A. Kings mascot… while the dude was in costume. How is he that bad? Somebody needs to take him back to middle school so he can learn the basic shooting mechanics.

Speaking of good news in the NBA, the Hornets changed their name. They may be a terrible team, but at least now they have a badass mascot- The Pelicans. It’s so stupid, it’s great. No other team would choose such a ridiculous name, so props to them. Did the uni-brow look good in light blue? Maybe they should change that too. The New Orleans Pelicans. I love it. My new favorite mascot.


3 thoughts on “Dwight Coward

  1. Another good topic – the Angeles are upgrading the pitching staff (actually, mostly the bullpen) over the winter. How about some baseball hot stove talk?

  2. While he is an amazing physical specimen, Dwight Howard does not have game! And you used to disagree with me. Sounds like you are coming around.

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