TNF Preview

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

von miller

As my finals are done on Wednesday, I was hoping to get tickets to this week’s Thursday Night Football game in Oakland to see my Denver Broncos play. However, it probably will not happen. At least I will get to see the game from the comfort of my own living room, and not in the “Black Hole” of society. Now that I think about it, I would much rather watch the game on TV than watch it at the worst stadium in California, surrounded by men dressed up as Darth Vader or wearing spiked dog collars. Yeah, and it’s cheaper too.

The game is Denver v. Oakland. Not to sound like a homer, but I can almost guarantee you that this one will be over quickly. The Broncos are in the top seven in the NFL in categories such as: Passing Yds, Opp. Passing Yds, and Opp. Rushing Yds. per game. Even without stud running back Willis McGahee they are still averaging over 100 yards per game, and are now winners of seven in a row. Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is quickly becoming one of the top threats in the league, as he and fellow receiver Eric Decker both have eight TD’s on the season. Von Miller is also becoming one of the top defensive threats in the league, as he racked up his fifteenth sack of the year against the Bucs, along with a forced fumble and a pick-six. As for QB, you should already know; there is nothing more to be said.

The fact that the ESPN power rankings still show the Broncos at number five is an outrage; almost as big of an outrage as Duke not being number one in college hoops! They are behind the 49ers, which is a joke. The Broncos hold a better record, haven’t gone win-less to the Rams this year, and have one GREAT QB- not two mediocre QBs. I still like the 49ers to come out of the NFC, but the Broncos are a better football team.

As for the Raiders, they suck. Enough said.

Since NFL Network is not shown in the dorms here at Cal Poly, this will be the first full TNF game I see all year. I’m not quite sure what to expect- a few weeks back my good friend Derek Van Grouw warned me of the terrible intro song to the game, sung by Cee Lo Green. I had forgotten about it until I began to write this essay, but I just checked it out now. Here it is:

That, by far, is the worst intro song to a sporting event I have ever seen. In fact, worst SONG I have ever heard. Is that even considered a song? Cee Lo Green needs to get off television, he is awful. The Voice, or whatever it is called, is one of like seven shows on TV that features people singing on stage with judges, it is ridiculous.

Let’s just hope NFL Network changed the intro from week 1; I might vomit if I see something similar to that on thursday night. Raiders fans might vomit as well, as I predict of the score of the game will be:

Broncos 31, Raiders 13.


2 thoughts on “TNF Preview

  1. Raiders are only playing to spoil the Broncos’ season – maybe with a bounty on Payton (more likely to be collected by the Black Hole fans than the Raiders)!

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