Boston Massacre

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

Before I begin, I would like to point out that I nearly called the EXACT score of the Duke v. Ohio State game last night. My prediction: 76-69, Duke. Actual Score: 73-68, Duke. Until someone else can prove otherwise, my precision and accuracy is unmatched.

The Boston Celtics are off to another poor start, but this is something that Doc Rivers is used to. The Celtics were a few points away from going back to the Finals last year, so I think they will still be competitive at the end of the year. Until then, however, they deserve to take some heat. They have fallen to 8-7 on the year- 4th in the division, only above the lowly Toronto Raptors.

Last night was the most exciting night in the NBA, as 6’1″ Rajon Rondo decided to take on 6’9″ Kris Humphries. REAL smart, Rajan, good decision. It was absurd; Kevin Garnett was not even fouled hard by Humphries, but Rondo felt the need to send a message to the Brooklyn Nets. As a result, three players were ejected, Rondo is suspended for the next two games, and Kris Humphries has an arm full of scratches from Rajan throwing his nails at him.

Anger issues have been a problem for Rondo, and the Celtics have suffered in the past from Rondo get punished. This is another occasion in which the Celtics are facing a problem for his actions, but Rondo’s suspension is not the biggest issue that they are dealing with; Paul Pierce’s ankles are the bigger problem right now. Have you seen Paul Pierce play defense lately? He looks older now than Greg Oden did as an 18 year old- that’s pretty damn old. Last night was the second time in one week that Paul Pierce’s ankles have been severely broken.

Doc Rivers should be concerned by Rondo’s anger, but he should be scared for Paul Pierce’s long-term future. At this rate, he will be walking with a cane at the age of 45. Which is more susceptible to being broken… Rondo’s temper? or Pierce’s ankles? Check out these videos, and you make the decision.


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