Happy Thanksgiving!

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

Due to the holidays and time being spent with family, the Penthouse will take a short hiatus. Not for long, but long enough to give you readers a break from the intense and awesome articles that are written daily. We will be back in full throttle starting next monday. Before this, however, I will send some you some last thoughts before Thanksgiving.

– I am guessing that, before yesterday, none of you had the slightest idea who Jack Taylor was; now he is the leader of one of the most pristine statistics in basketball: most points in a single game. The dude went off for 138 points on tuesday as his Division 3 Grinell team beat Faith Baptist Bible. Hold on… who did they beat? Their competition sounds more like a book than it does a university basketball team.

I’m not trying to make light of the fact that he scored 138 points in 36 minutes of basketball- it is outstanding. But, when you take a closer look, it is not as impressive as it appears.

Grinell won the game 179-104, a score that even the NBA All-Star game cannot match. Grinell is known for playing absolutely no defense while scoring at will, similar to Steve Nash and the old Suns teams. Just last november another Grinell player scored 89 points in a game.

Taylor shot 108 times, 40 more than most teams shoot in an entire game! He averaged shooting every twenty seconds, for heaven’s sake. How can someone shoot less than 50%, yet score more than anybody in the history of basketball? It is as if the two teams got together beforehand and agreed to let him shoot around just to make history. How else can you explain it? It sounds fishy to me.

I have seen footage of the game, and it looks a high school gym- to say the least. Not only is Jack Taylor 5’10”, I did not see a black player on either side. It looks like two teams of average joes playing at a tournament that was put on by the mormon church; trust me, they can get intense. Let’s put Grinell up against Duke and see how they do.

Several NBA player have been told about the 138 point feat and have been amazed, and some envious. I am sure Carmelo Anthony wishes he could shoot 108 times in a game and be praised for it. It is impressive, but let’s look deeper at what really happened before we crown Jack Taylor the new Wilt Chamberlin.


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