NFL Updates

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

The football world is going insane right now, and I love it. It is currently 2 o’clock, and the Bronco v. Charger game is tied at 7 in the 2nd quarter. Don’t worry, Peyton is just warming up. Meanwhile, here is what else is happening:

-Obviously, the college football rankings are in shambles, with the undefeated teams dropping like flies. Up next: Notre Dame. We’ll see if the Irish can hold up against the Trojans next week. I predict they will; USC just got their ass kicked by UCLA, and Matt Barkley’s arm was in a sling after the game. Lane Kiffin claims to have job security… yeah right. A 7-5 record for the preseason #1 team is not going to cut it, and Jim Mora is the better coach in that city.

-I already wrote about Alabama in the article last night, but I have to revisit that. Personally, I cannot stand looking at Nick Saban’s smug face on the sidelines every saturday, and I especially do not want to see it in the championship game; unfortunately, that will probably be the case. I love seeing upsets, but not when it means that Alabama will jump back up to #2 and in prime position to play Notre Dame on January 7.

-Collin Klein just lost any chance of winning the Heisman after getting obliterated by Baylor 52-24. The current front-runner is a Penthouse favorite: Johnny Football!!! His stats are unmatched- he is the first freshman to pass for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,00 yards- something even Tim Tebow could not do. His team is now in the top 10 and he even is kicking extra points now… unsuccessfully. Regardless, Johnny Manziel should win the Heisman.

-What is up with all the OT games today? There was three overtime games in the morning games alone, and several near-upsets. The Texans’ defense gave up 37 ponts to freaking Blaine Gabbert? That’s right- I hate fantasy football. The Cowboys nearly lost to the Browns, and Cam “fig” Newton lost another close game down the stretch- all in OT.

-The Broncos will have a three game lead in the division after today, and there is a good MNF game tomorrow night- 49ers v. Bears. Two great defenses, and two great running game. Let’s see if Jon Gruden is able to control himself… there will most likely be lots of “big time plays” taking place.


3 thoughts on “NFL Updates

  1. Correction: Blaine Gabbert sat out the entire game. I think he was hurt. His replacement: Chad Henne. Wait, what? He balled out – I think 4 touchdowns? But so many good games today. I couldn’t keep up because they were going on all at the same time.

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