Dream Team? Or Nightmare

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

As it stands at halftime, UCLA is beating USC 24-14. By no means am I guaranteeing a UCLA win, but I want to take a moment to reflect on something- wasn’t USC a preseason #1 team? They were said to be the most talented team in college football, and they could finally show what they were made of after the two-year bowl ban. That’s not happening. If they lose today, and after they lose next week to Notre Dame, they could be 7-5 on the season. So much for the most talented team in the nation.

This reminds me of all the so-called “dream teams” that have been hyped up over the last few years. Anyone remember last years Philadelphia Eagles team? They were the self-proclaimed “dream team” that finished started the season 4-8 and missed the playoffs. Good call…Vince Young.

Then there is the current Lakers team. I will even admit that they have possibly the best starting five on paper in NBA history, but look how that has panned out so far. They are now under .500, got their coach fired, and are not even the best team in their conference, let alone the city of Los Angeles. That’s right, Lob City is running that town. Don’t worry, I am not changing my mind- Blake Griffin is still overrated.

Then there is the Toronto Blue Jays. This is the newest of the “dream teams”, even though the Jays have not received near the amount of hype from the media as the others. Still, they are being predicted to win the AL East by many. First of all, it is November… not April. Second of all, they were the fourth best team in that division! With the rise of the Orioles under Buck Showalter, the Jays are looking up at the competition. Third of all, their roster is not all that impressive. They may have an impressive lead off line-up with their 1-4 hitters, but they do not have the depth. They just picked up a bunch of Marlins players that played on a 93 loss team, and much of those players are past their prime. That being said, I do hope the Jays experience some success. It is great to see an under-dog make the playoffs, and everybody that hates the Yankees and Red Sox should root for them to do well. But do not get your hopes up too high.

“Dream teams” are something that are a product of the media, the team should not take all the fault for the under-achievement. The moral of the story: Do not take things for granted in sports; anything can happen any given game day. The “dream team” handle that a team can rock is earned, not given.


5 thoughts on “Dream Team? Or Nightmare

  1. Lane Kiffin should honestly be fired. this season has turned into a complete disappointment. I will admit their defense is not very good, but their utilization of their offensive weapons has turned into just one thing.. barkley trying to force the ball the lee..

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