Tebow Time in NY?

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

If you are looking for an article that rips on the NY Jets, then you came to the wrong place. It is too easy to shred the Jets to pieces… they are that bad. Not KC Chiefs bad, but just about as bad as the Raiders. Not only are they bad, they attract attention to themselves which makes them look like victims; the only problem is that no one feels sorry for them. With a loud mouth coach, a mediocre quarterback, and a defense on the decline, the Jets are looking in the mirror with a 3-6 record. To make it worse, now anonymous players are coming out and criticizing the back-up quarterback. What? Jim Rome is right: The Jets are a freaking circus.

I have some sympathy for Jets fans, and I want to tell them there is a glimpse of hope. The only hope is the great, yet terrible, Timothy Tebow. I am not a Tebow hater- in fact, I have much respect for his pro career. As a Broncos fan, I love what he did for the franchise and I am grateful for his efforts last year. I realize that he looks like a 13-year-old girl when he throws, but he does one thing right: he wins.

Matt Ryan is considered one of the top-5 quarterbacks in the league, according to many. He even has the “Matty Ice” label that he does not deserve. What team would take Tebow over Ryan? Obviously Ryan is a more successful pro quarterback than Tebow, right? Wrong! Tim Tebow has more playoffs wins than Ryan, who’s Falcons team failed to score offensively against the G-Men in the divisional round of the playoffs. Meanwhile, Tebow was leading the Broncos over a cocky Steelers team and passing for 300 yards in a OT victory. Matty Ice deserves to be on the overrated list.

Before I completely digress, let’s get back to the Jets. The Broncos were 1-4 last year before Tebow took the reigns, and then he ran off seven wins in eight games to make the playoffs. The season may be more than half over, but the Jets are only three games back; at the pace they are moving right now, they might finish ten games back. Why not take a chance on Tebow? The Jets have literally nowhere to go but up, and have nothing to lose. Mark Sanchez has ten TD’s and nine picks through nine games, and is playing flat-out awful. Until they make a change at QB, the Jets are going to continue to suck. Time to put Tebow behind the center.


3 thoughts on “Tebow Time in NY?

  1. So you’re telling me that if you were an NFL coach, you would rather have Tim Tebow as your starting QB instead of Matt Ryan?

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