NCAA? or Tour de France?

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

I said we would never bring up cycling again, but in this case it IS relevant. The biggest thing that people are forgetting about in college football this year: Ohio State. If I had to compare the Buckeyes to another sports figure right now, it would be Lance Armstrong. Both Ohio State and Lance are suffering for something that the likes of USC knows as well: cheating. The NCAA screws up pretty often, and they are consistently inconsistent when it comes to punishing universities. Ohio State and Lance did something that so many of the other competitors doing as well, but they got caught, and are now paying for it.

The Buckeyes are currently 10-0; did any of you even know that? Due to their punishment, they are disqualified from post-season play and a spot in the BCS rankings. Had they not been, they would most likely be in contention for the number one spot along with K State, Oregon, and Notre Dame. Urban Meyer may be slimy because of the way he left a football team to go somewhere he would rather coach, but it is not a rare occurence for SEC coaches- Bobby Petrino, Nick Saban, just to name a few.

Urban has Ohio State playing like they were back in the Maurice Clarett days, and it only looks brighter in the future. It is a shame they are unable to compete for a BCS championship this season, and they do not get the pub that they should. Expect the Buckeyes to be in the top of the ranks for years to come, and expect the NCAA to continue to ruin the programs of a few universities for doing something that dozens do without being caught.

Also, does Stanford have a chance against the Ducks this weekend? If the game were in Palo Alto they might; but in a cold, wet, loud Autzen stadium they do not.

My prediction: Oregon 48, Stanford 31


2 thoughts on “NCAA? or Tour de France?

  1. Just because other teams are cheating and don’t get caught, does not mean I’m going to be sympathetic for a team that does get caught. Plus, I hate Ohio State. They can suck it.

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