#5- Cris Collinsworth

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

It is-  as I am sure many of you are happy to hear- the final day of the five day series covering the worst announcers in sports. We have covered four of the worst voices that we here on any given day of the week, but now we get to the whiniest voice that we here on 17 sundays throughout the year. Any guesses? That’s right… Anthony. Cris. Collinsworth. He never was very bothersome- and basically unnoticable- until Madden 11 came out; Madden 11 ruined my view of Cris Collinsworth. His cliche one liners were repeated over and over until they drove you crazy, and his somewhat feminine chuckling makes you wonder if he really did play for the Bengals.

To compensate for Cris Collinsworth, NBC pairs him up with Al Michaels- one of the greatest announcers of all-time. You gotta feel bad for Al- he has had to work with the likes of John Madden and Cris Collinsworth. Who’s next… John Gruden? Sunday night football is still one of the best games of the week, but it is definitely more enjoyable with the volume on the TV very low.


4 thoughts on “#5- Cris Collinsworth

  1. While you mentioned Tim McCarver in the Joe Buck article, he is so bad that he deserves to have his own spot on the top 5 list. Honorable mention goes to Chris Berman, Bill Walton, the old version of Harry Carey (as payed by Will Ferrell), Joe Starkey, Howard Cosell, and all soccer announcers that yell “goooooooooooal”.

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