#4- Dickie V.

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

You know it is college basketball season when you hear the words “prime time performer” “diaper dandy”, and “Baby!”. Those would be the words of Dick Vital, the most ridiculous announcer in sports. To be honest, he should not be on this list; but since I am currently watching the Duke v. Kentucky game I could not ignore him. He may be annoying, but- unlike most terrible announcers-  he is entertaining. I love watching basketball games announced by Dickie V; his voice is hilarious and he sounds like he might be hooked up to a respirator.

Lou Holtz is a terrible commentator, but at least he was a good coach. Dickie V was a below average coach, and a crazy old man. Why does he even have that job?

Dickie may be bizarre, but you gotta love him. Hey, he isn’t even the worst announcer in college basketball! That label belongs to Bill Rafferty, but he is so bad he does not deserve to even be mentioned on the list- regardless of his awfulness. It was delightful to hear Dickie’s voice tonight, and I look forward to hearing it until March.


3 thoughts on “#4- Dickie V.

  1. This guy annoys me. However, it is nice to hear his voice again because it can only mean one thing: college basketball season is here, baby!

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