Trout for MVP

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

It will be an out-cry if Mike Trout does not win the Rookie of the Year Award; the only reason Bryce Harper was even mentioned in the same sentence as Trout is because he is nine-teen years old. Mike Trout winning the ROY award is a forgone conclusion, but what about the MVP award?

Miguel Cabrera did something that had not been done since 1967: win the Triple Crown. No one since Yaz had been able to achieve the ultimate hitter’s dream until Miggy Cabrera did this year. He is undoubtedly the best hitter in baseball, but he is not the best player in baseball; that label belongs to Mike Trout.

Forget about age- Mike Trout would be great if he were 20 or 40. His stats show his superiority to Cabrera- He had more runs, more triples, more walks, more steals, and a higher on-base percentage than Cabrera- while playing 22 fewer games. Imagine Trout’s numbers had he played in April.

Numbers don’t lie, and neither does the eye test. I was able to see Mike Trout play twice this season: at Yankee Stadium and at Dodger Stadium. Watching him play is incredible, and his speed is unmatched in the MLB. Not only were Trout’s offensive numbers better than Cabrera’s, his defense puts Cabrera to shame. On multiple occasions he pulled back a home run and ran down balls that no other center fielder in baseball could reach.

The only other reason that Miguel Cabrera might have the edge over Trout in the MVP race is that the Tigers made the postseason. This is a good point; however, the Angels actually had a better record than the Tigers. The only reason Detroit made the playoffs is because they are in a terrible division and the White Sox choked big time. Expect Mike Trout to receive the MVP award in the next few days.


4 thoughts on “Trout for MVP

  1. Really? “Not only were Trout’s offensive numbers better than Cabrera’s.” This is not a true statement. Cabrera obviously led in Batting Avg, Home Runs, and RBIs. And he deserves the MVP. Trout is legit, but Triple Crown is unbeleiveable in today’s modern game.

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