NFL updates

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

It is currently 12:43 in the afternoon, but here is what has caught my eye:

-The raiders are terrible. They have given up 55 points to Joe Flacco with 10 minutes still to go. Anyone who lives in the bay should hop on the 49ers bandwagon.

-Peyton and the Broncos did it again, Cam Newton belongs on the overrated list.

-Hopefully the Chargers continue to suck and lose to the Bucs, currently down 31-24.

-Screw fantasy football. The bye weeks are killer to my team.

-Why does CJ2K either do horrible or go off for 100+? Most bipolar player in the league.

-What is up with Eli? He can’t beat the same Bengals’ defense his brother dominated last week.

-Dallas and Philadelphia are playing each other? Wow… these two teams blow it every week. We’ll see which team wants to lose it more than the other. My prediction: Dallas 21,Philly 17.


2 thoughts on “NFL updates

  1. The Giants are the most bipolar team in the league. Never know what’s gonna happen with them. Niners and Bears next Sunday should be a good game; hopefully it won’t be a tie….

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