Down goes Bama! Down goes Bama!

Written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

Biggest game in months: Texas A&M v. Alabama. Result: Texas A&M 29, Bama 24. Sports reporters are supposed to be un-biased, but I have to admit: I was stoked to see the Tide go down. If Nick Saban looks bitter even after a win, what is the expression on his face right now? Saban is known as a hard-ass who’s teams are as intense as disciplined as he is; the discipline was lacking today. The Tide had two uncharacteristic mistakes in the final two minutes to lose the game- a 4th down interception on the goal line and a neutral zone infraction on a punt return with :40 on the clock to give Texas A&M the first down and the win. C’mon Nick! That sounds like the Oakland Raiders, not the Tide.

I was pretty skeptical of A&M joining the SEC this year; and extremely skeptical of them keeping the game within three scores in Tuscaloosa. They sure shocked me. I was even skeptical of the “Johnny Football” nickname that their redshirt-freshman was given. He earned it today. The quarterback just went into the most intimidating stadium in college football, with the most intimidating defense in the nation, and killed it. Talk about badass. He went 24-31, 253 yards, 2 TD’s, 0 picks, and 92 yards rushing. This just five months after Johnny was arrested for getting in a fight and having a fake I.D. Again, talk about badass.

He, as well as the rest of theTexas A&M team, solidified their legitimacy. And damn was that a great game; nothing better than an upset. Not “roll tide”, it is now “roll aggies”.


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