Multiple head coaches around the league are getting dangerously close to the electric fence called unemployment. If Andy Reid doesn’t miraculously kick Vick into gear (no pun intended dog lovers) than he will be fired. Same goes to Norv-saggy neck- Turner; the Chargers seem to be playing for Norv because they saved his job last week against the Chiefs. Personally, I believe AJ Smith is the problem in San Diego but that’s another story. Rex Ryan is also getting close to the edge in New York but somehow seems to not be worried. Along with Jason Garret in Dallas, there are potentially a lot of open positions, but who is available to fill them?

The best available NFL coaches are currently sitting behind a TV camera broadcasting. The life. Why would anyone want to leave the best career ever, talking about sports all day on national TV? To win a Superbowl that is why. Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden are two of the best “available” coaches in my eyes. Sean Peyton may also become a free agent by the end of the year and will be highly recruited by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, his old team. The reason Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden are at the top of my list is their competitive fire. The Chargers more than anyone need that energy on the sideline. I’m tired of the relaxed organization that I have grown up watching under Marty Schottenheimer and Norv Turner. Yes, they are both good coaches, but continue to not get it done. Tony Dungy is another available coach that would have to step down from broadcasting, I personally don’t enjoy listening to him talk anyways. Brian Billick and and Herm Edwards are also analysts that could potentially coach again, which is depressing for Max and I because it is 200 times easier to become an analyst being either a former player or coach. There is also the option of promoting coordinators, either way, these teams need to do something.

The vacancies are undoubtedly coming and it will be interesting to see who fills them.

written by Lucas Zender

Penthouse Sports


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