#2- Lou Holtz

written by Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

Dr. Lou Holtz was a great college football coach- he won a national championship and twice received the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award. He coached in five different decades, and his that is just the start of his resume. He has succeeded at nearly everything he has done professionally… except for two black eyes on his career.

The first failure was his one-year stint with the New York Jets. He was the head coach of the Jets in 1976 and had a woeful 3-10 team before resigning with one game left in the season. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it, Pete Carroll? College coaches need to quit thinking they can succeed in the NFL (I realize there are exceptions).

The second failure of his career is what he is currently doing: Commentating. He is currently a college football analyst for ESPN, unfortunately. Lou- your 75 years old, time to turn in the towel! He is to analyzing what Jamie Moyer is to baseball. They are both way too old, 15 years past their prime, but are looking to relive the glory years and refuse to hang up the cleats. Luckily, for all of us, 49-year-old Jamie was released by the Blue Jays on July 5. He has yet to retire, however,  similar to Dr. Holtz. Lou makes sense about half of the time, the other half he just blabbers about nonsense. On top of that, we cannot understand half of the things that do make sense because his mouth seems to constantly full of saliva. His lisp appears to be getting stronger as he gets older, too. I have respect for Lou, but it is time to retire.


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