#1- Doris Burke

By Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

Today marks the first of a five-day series in which I examine the worst announcers/commentators in sports, in no particular order. Along with the ugliest athletes topic, there is an infinite amount of terrible broadcasters. Here is the first awful commentator that came to mind:

1) Doris Burke. The Providence University alum played basketball for the school, and was once named College’s Female Athlete of the Year. Doris… you should have quit while you were just a little bit behind. She now announces men’s and women’s basketball games, at the professional and collegiate level. I am sure you have all heard her announce a game at some point, before you threw up in your mouth and changed the channel. Austin, my roommate, was playing NBA2K13 on xbox yesterday when I noticed she was featured on the game as a side line reporter. This reminded me of how terrible she was, hence the number one spot on the list. Not only is her voice deeper than any male broadcast partner she works with, her hands are twice as big. C’mon ESPN, you should know that sports viewers only like to see women commentators who are hot and have no clue what is going on in sports. I just hope Doris does not announce any of the Duke games I am going to watch this year, or I will have to watch the game on mute.


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