NFL Updates

By Max Bricker

Penthouse Sports

It is only 4 o’clock, nowhere near the end of the football weekend, but here are some points I needed to get across:

-Is that Doug Martin out there for the Bucs, or is it Kenjon Barner? I don’t know who is more embarrassed the raiders defense, or the fantasy owner who is facing Doug Martin this week.

-Peyton did it again. Three more TD’s, and a solid road victory over the Bengals for the Broncos. One more victory on the road to double-digits.

-The Ravens are a pretender, not a contender. They struggled with the Browns today, and do not expect them to go far this year. Joe Flacco is also overrated.

-The Titans are terrible, and Jay Cutler is still a cry-baby.

Prediction: The Cowboys will look good tonight, have the game in their hands, and then lose it. Tony Romo does it every week, and the Falcons seem to get lucky breaks nearly every week. They may be 7-0, but they easily could be 4-3.    Falcons 27, Cowboys 24.


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