I Love L.A.

(check out jim harbaugh starting around 3:20)

Los Angeles did not have one it’s finer weekends this weekend. It is incredible that the metropolis that is L.A. does not have a professional football team, and are they ever going to? The prime candidates would be a horrible team like the Jacksonville Jaguars, who fell to 1-7 today. Does Los Angeles really want Blaine Gabbert as the quarterback of their city? Even Cleveland would not want such a sub-par gun-slinger.

The excuse that football fans in Los Angeles have is that at least they have USC football to watch. Too bad the Trojans are going to be ranked after the Bruins when the polls come out today, especially after that disgraceful performance yesterday. If I said that if they scored 51 points in a game, then all of would you give USC the victory. Not against Kenjon Barner and the Ducks of Oregon. Lane Kiffin had a top-3 preseason ranked team, and now he will be lucky to be ranked at all at 6-3. The Oregon offense ran for 730 yards and 9 touchdowns, and showed their dominance and deserving of a number two ranking. Why were the Ducks ranked fourth last week? Ask Jim Harbaugh, and he would probably say that was a bunch of “gobble gobble gobble…from jive turkey gobblers.” At least UCLA made up for the USC loss by destroying Arizona 66-10; this just one week after Rich Rodriguez’s team beat the Trojans.

For more bad news in L.A., let’s turn to the NBA. The “Lake-show” has been the “Mistake-show” through three games, or even the “Ache-show” for Steve Nash. The best starting five on paper in NBA history looks flat and dysfunctional, not to mention old. That’s why they play the games, folks. They are now 0-3 after getting beat down by their energetic cross-town rivals in the Clippers. However, I am not ignorant. I realize the season has just begun, and they will probably go on a 15 game win streak at some point. Until then, however, let’s continue to criticize them while they are down.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ reliever Brandon League said the Dodgers will be the “team to beat” next year… are you kidding me? The Giants have the Dodger’s number right now, and not to mention, are the defending World Champs. The Dodgers now have the expensive contracts of Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford, and have an owner that does not know how to pronounce Vin Scully’s name. Not only are the Dodgers not the team to beat, they are mediocre, and not very smart. Sorry, Los Angeles. Better luck next weekend.

written by Max Bricker


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