James Harden… Who are You?

Lebron, move over. There is a new King James in the NBA, but it is not because Bron-Bron’s team got blown out tonight by a Knick team that has an approximate average player age of 44.2 years old. It is because James Harden is playing out of his freaking mind right now.

King James Harden got traded by the Thunder to the Rockets just days before the season, and it left me scratching my head. Did the trade make sense for either team? At first it didn’t; the Rockets got a weird-looking bench player while the Thunder lost a huge part of their team chemistry. Despite coming off the bench, James Harden was a crucial part of the Western Conference champs’ team last year. Why break up a team that was just a few games away from winning the finals and has tons of upside? As for the Rockets, why would they give a max deal to a young player who has never really proved himself?

Looks like the Rockets won that deal.

It may only be two games in the season, and you are thinking to yourself, “Max… calm down bro. Cool your jets, it has been TWO games”, but  I do not care. I believe his play through these games is a preview for what is to come. He dropped 45 tonight against the Hawks, and is now averaging 41 points per game. The two games may have not been against top-tier teams, but I am convinced that he is legitimate. Some people thought King James was selfish for going to a different team to get a few more bucks. No, he went to the Rockets to prove he is an elite player and is worth the lottery pick that he was out of Arizona State. Had he stayed in OKC he would have never had the opportunity, he would be playing in the shadow of KD and Westbrook his whole career. Meanwhile, the Thunder lost to the Spurs in the first game despite getting good numbers from newly acquired Kevin Martin.

If you were in the situation King James was in, wouldn’t you want to be the star on a NBA franchise and make even more money than before? I would. Do not knock James Harden for being on the Rockets now, he deserves credit and respect. After all, who would want to be the equivalent of a Chris Bosh for their team? I would not, regardless of the fact that he looks like a dinosaur.

written by Max Bricker


3 thoughts on “James Harden… Who are You?

  1. Smart move on Harden’s part. It’s probably tough to move away from such a dominant team. However, he’s raking it in now. What’s with the Rockets making big moves on player’s that haven’t quite proven themselves yet?

  2. Harden is a beast. But my favorite part of this article by far was the idea that you’d consider playing on a team in a Chris Bosh role if you could just look like a dinosaur.

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