Top Ten Ugliest Athletes

I could write an entire novel pertaining to the ugliest athletes of all time, but here is my top ten. These are athletes that have continuously been beaten with the ugly stick for hours on end.

1. Ronaldinho.

Sport: Soccer

I genuinely feel bad for this guy. Ronaldinho looks like the offspring of Michael Jackson and Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. I’m sorry Ronaldinho, but hey at least you’re still the best at something.

2. Sam Cassell

Sport: Basketball

This is proof that aliens are real.

3. Chris Bosh

Sport: Basketball

Chris Bosh must be the loneliest guy in the world. Not only is he not on the same level as Lebron and DWade but his dinosaur family has been extinct for millions of years.

4. Alex Ovechkin

Sport: Hockey

Ovechkin somehow has a normal looking girlfriend. It has to be because of his money because his face looks like it was run over by a semi truck multiple times.

5.  Brittney Griner

Sport: Women’s Basketball (I know, it shouldn’t be a sport)

Brittney would not be in the top ten ugliest athletes if she just admitted that she is a guy. The fact that she is a girl absolutely blows my mind, hearing her voice seals the deal for her manliness. I’m sorry “Mrs.” Griner, please don’t hurt me.

6. Franck Ribery

Sport: Soccer

I apologize for posting this picture. I know, it is absolutely horrifying. Get some braces Franck.

7. Drew Brees’ Mole/Birthmark

Sport: Football

Drew Brees is not a bad looking guy, this is proven not by me judging guys attractiveness but by his wife’s looks. Good job Drew. I had to throw his birthmark (now a horrible scar) a shout-out because I have personally met him three times and your eyes get permanently fixated on the thing staring back at you. I don’t remember what our conversations were about because all I was doing was reliving the mole scene from Austin Powers.

8.  Jim Furyk

Sport: Golf

Jim Furyk most likely eats bird feed when he goes home. Look at that beak.

9. Pat and Paul Mcquistan

Sport: Football

Please keep the Mcquistan family in your thoughts because their family genes are really struggling.

10. Anthony Davis Unibrow

Sport: Basketball

Anthony Davis please shave it. It’s disgusting.

There it is. The top ten ugliest athletes. Again, I could keep this list going on and on because the fact is there are some extremely ugly athletes out there.



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