Last week I posted an article on the overrated things in sports and life. Writing about things that are overrated came quickly to me; anyone can rip on a professional athlete all day. To tear someone apart is easy, but to build someone up is difficult. This article is focused on giving credit to the guys who do not get enough praise, even though they deserve it. I will admittedly say that this was the toughest article to write yet; it took more than an hour to come up with this list. Here are the top five underrated things that came to mind:

1)      University of Oregon Football. Chip Kelly is an offensive mastermind, and the Ducks’ defense has improved greatly since losing to Cam Newton in the 2011 championship game. Anyone who is a college football fan knows that Oregon has the best offense in college football, and the proof is in the pudding. They lead the FBS series by averaging an astonishing 53.4 points per game, and that number would be bigger if not for letting up in the second half. Usually they put up 35 by half, and the other team’s defense is all panting for oxygen masks on the sidelines. What people do not realize is that they own a top 25 defense by giving up an average of under 20 points per game. They have outscored their opponents 427 to 155! The fact that they are ranked fourth in the nation by the Blown Call Series is an outrage. I have been hyping up Notre Dame and K-State all year, but do not get me wrong, Oregon is so much better than those two teams. Forget about the computers, rankings should go on the eye test. If that were the case, Oregon and Alabama are the two best teams in the nation. Lane Kiffin and USC… get ready for an ass whooping on saturday.

2)      Bruce Bochy. The old man down in the Giant’s dugout runs the town of San Francisco right now. He has led a below-average offensive team to two World Series titles in three years, and is the best manager in the league. He is the motivating force behind that scrappy team who pulls out magical comebacks in the postseason and receives little credit. The most incredible thing about Boch is that he gave up chewing tobacco… with the help of hypnotist! He had dipped for 38 years before giving it up last year, an incredible feat. His persistence shows in his baseball team, and that is why he has two rings on his fingers.

3)      Frank Gore. The 49ers back is an absolute beast. The San Fran backfield leads the NFL in rushing, much of the yards going to Mr. Gore. He is averaging 5.5 yards per rush, and is punishing defensive linebackers and secondaries. He has been doing it for years now, yet still does not get the recognition of MJD or Ray Rice. Keep up the good work Frank, and do not ever let Kyle Williams touch the ball in the playoffs.

4)      Odwalla drinks. The delicious Odwalla juices that are sold here on campus are the only source of healthy food for Cal Poly freshmen. If not for the Vitamin C and nutrients from the drinks, Lucas and I would probably be suffering from scurvy. The rest of the food here seems to be laced with fat or made of cardboard, so thank you Odwalla for keeping us alive.

5)      Sports Talk Radio. If you did not know already, I am a huge fan of the Jim Rome Show. I am a huge clone, and I subscribe to his website so I can never miss an hour of his radio show. Talk Radio is such a great alternative to watching Sportscenter to hear the latest sports news (plus it does not repeat the same things over and over). That is my goal here at The Penthouse: to give you readers a different take on sports than the everyday stories that Stuart Scott and Stephen A. Smith give you.

I realize I left off other things that do not receive enough credit, so I am leaving it up to you to comment what is missing. Do it.

Written by Max Bricker


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