Manning is the Man

Peyton for MVP! I may be prejudice since considering I am a Bronco fan, but he is a front-runner right now. The Manning Bros. are absolutely dominating the NFL right now with division leading teams and great numbers. Peyton has gone four games in a row with 300+ yards, 3 TD’s, and 3 wins. He is leading the league through eight weeks with 109.0 passer rating, along with 17 TD’s to only 4 picks. John Elway is the sheriff in Denver right now; he brought in Peyton despite tons of doubt and skepticism of a hurt neck. Goes to show you how much Skip Bayless and the rest of the ESPN hacks know. The Broncos face the Bengals this sunday, the next victim on their way to a deep playoff run. They are 4-3 currently, but expect it to be at least 11-5 by January. That should give them a big cushion, considering the next best team in the division is the terrible Chargers.

As for Eli, he has Peyton beat right now. He is the defending Super Bowl champ, with multiple rings and multiple MVP’s. Even though they blew a lead in Dallas (Yet still won), do not think the Giants do not have what it takes to get back to the Super Bowl again this year. Heads might explode if the two brothers meet at the end of the year for the championship (Except probably not Peyton’s… his forehead is humongous) in February. It is incredible how talented someone has to be a be a quarterback in the NFL, and it is astounding to think that family has three great ones. Sorry, Cooper Manning.

written by Max Bricker


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