College Hoops Baby!

It is no time to worry, folks, a video will be coming your way this evening. Until then, we have to talk about something that has been put off for days now: college hoops. I realize the NBA season is starting tonight, but I have a message for all of you- The NBA regular season does not matter. That is a fact. Do any of you actually believe that the future champions are worried from the months of October to April? In fact, even the first round of the playoffs does not make the top teams sweat. Therefore, there will be a minimum of NBA talk for the next few months. The NBA will not be ignored in The Penthouse, but it is going to the backburners. There are way more relevant and interesting topics to talk about.

Comment if you agree that NCAA basketball is better than NBA basketball. Personally, I cannot sit down and watch an entire regular season NBA basketball game. I can, however, get stoked and watch the first half of any preseason college hoops game, I love it. The entire atmosphere at college basketball games is so much more intense, and the players are actually playing with incentive.

That being said, let’s talk about the upcoming season. The season starts Nov. 9, with number one ranked Indiana taking on Bryant University. That is something that has not been said in a while: #1 ranked Indiana. Really? I am a huge fan of historically great teams still being great today, but I am not sure the Hoosiers deserve the top spot in the nation. Tom Creamer and the boys made vast improvements last year, with their finest moment being a buzzer-beater win over Coach Cal and Kentucky. That being said, how is Kentucky not getting the respect of a number one spot? They may have lost their entire starting line-up, but that is a very familiar spot for John Calipari. He gets the top recruits in the nation every year, and do not think he slacked off this year.

The top 5 goes as follows:

1)      Indiana

2)      Louisville

3)      Kentucky

4)      Ohio State

5)      Michigan

The Big 10 is looking strong to start, but these initial rankings never hold up. I am glad to see my Duke Blue Devils in the top 10 (#8), and even happier to see that they are ahead of Tar Heels (#11). The first non-“Big conference” school is Creighton at #16, which is similar to where they started last year. Keep your eye on Stanford this year. My boy Grant Verhoeven is starting the next level in his basketball career, and the Cardinal is lucky to have him. I watched him play in high school, and I cannot wait to see him play on TV. I expect great things from that 6’9” beast. We also hope to have him on for an interview on the show soon.

There is much more to talk about in college hoops, but I will save that for another time. The NBA regular season starts tonight and there are some decent matchups, so if I have time I might tune in. Video will be posted tonight if YouTube is working, tune in.

Written by Max Bricker


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