Sunday Fun-day

Here is a list of things in the sports world that have caught my eye this weekend:

-The Tigers are done. I don’t want to say i called it, but look at the previous articles to see that I knew the Giants had something brewing and no one was going to stand in their way. Who knew that the Tigers were going to suck as badly as they are right now, that offense looks almost as bad as the Cleveland Browns. How awesome is photo though? I do not like the Tigers, but i respect Justin Verlander for wearing that shirt. Having a sense of humor in that situation is tough, and he is a great guy. Plus he is dating Cate Upton.

-As happy as I am to say it, I do feel bad for Charger fans. They lost to the lowly Browns 7-6 earlier today. Add Phil Rivers to the Overrated list, his performance this year has been Brady Quinn-esque. They do the same thing every year: there are big expectations for a super bowl run, and they end up sitting at home watching the Wild Card round in January. Luckily  I am a Bronco fan, so I can look forward to a division championship at the end of the year.

-The Raider v. Chiefs game currently going has to be one of the worst matchups of the year. CBS has to be furious; they probably get better ratings from their terrible mid-day soap operas than the Raider game.

-The Thunder traded James Harden to the Rockets for a ton in return. We will discuss the details of the trade on the video tomorrow, but at first glance it looks like it makes no sense for the Rockets.

-LOTS of college football yesterday. Once again, I called it. I do not want to hear any more talk that it is a matter of time before Notre Dame gets their ass kicked, they are legitimate. Kansas State looked strong, and Alabama was dominant as ever. The only bad part of the day was seeing Marcus Lattimore’s knee get shredded. It almost made me sick when I saw his lower leg perpindicular to his thigh. His legs were flopping around like a rag doll; let’s hope he is able to return from this.

There is much more to talk about, including the NFL and World Series follow-up. These topics will be discussed on the show tomorrow, so tune in.

written by Max Bricker


5 thoughts on “Sunday Fun-day

  1. Giants owned the series. All the Fox guys had the Tigers. Which makes it sweeter (Buck and McCarver were hating on them all series). We pitched better, hit better, an had way more heart. It was a no doubt series. Glad I got to see them five times this summer. Go Giants!

  2. Yeah, it was pretty embarrassing for the tigers. Justin Verlander’s world series stats are much worse than his regular season/alds&alcs stats. I personally thought he should have pitched game 4

  3. Verlander might be a good sport, but I would have liked to see him take a world series sweep more seriously… if that doesn’t motivate you, what will?

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