Cool Runnings

Lolo Jones was publicized a lot this summer in the olympics, becoming one of the most popular American athletes. Why was she so popular? It sure was not for her performance in the games; she has yet to medal in her olympic career. She was known as the female version of Tim Tebow, with the virginity issue being a constant press conference topic. I think Tebow should take offense; he at least performed in the postseason.

Lolo is in the news again, and it is not because she is crying on national television because she feels like a victim. She is now trying to compete in the 2014 Olympics… on the bobsled team. She was selected to the National team on thursday, just three weeks after trying the sport for the first time. It sounds ridiculous, but she is legitimately doing it.

I am not going to knock her for doing this. Some might think she is doing it for the attention (probably because she has purposely brought attention to herself several times before), but I do not think it is solely a publicity stunt. I believe she is doing it because she has greatly underperformed in the summer olympics, and she wants to redeem herself. After today, there should be no further talks about Lolo until the 2014 games. Lindsey Vonn, be prepared to not get as much publicity this time around.

College basketball article coming tomorrow.

written by Max Bricker


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