Overrated, Overpaid, Overhyped

Do you want to hear possibly the worst thing ever? Even if you do not, you are going to hear it.

My dad called me on Tuesday saying he has potential tickets to Game 1 of the World Series. I was stoked for a second… until I remembered I had a class field trip yesterday that kept me from going. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?! I had the opportunity to see history take place last night- no one had hit three home runs in the first three at-bats of the World Series history. That stat was true until last night, when Pablo Sandoval decided to go insane on reigning MVP Justin Verlander. Instead, I went on a field trip, and saw fields of strawberries and factories of lettuce packaging for twelve hours. What an absolute abomination.

Why are sports not a larger priority in this country? If we learn about ancient civilizations, we should also learn about the history of sports in America. Sports have been an enormous part of U.S. History, and I missed a huge historical moment last night… absolutely ridiculous.

A new article topic came to me today while sitting in class, and I have been thinking about it since. Writing about new stories in sports every single day becomes stale and repetitive, so occasionally we will change it up here at The Penthouse. There is so much going on today in sports- the World Series, the start of the NBA season, and week 8 of the NFL season. Today, however, the article is about the overrated things in sports. Any other day the World Series would be the center of attention, but this topic is too good to pass up. The following things are the first that came to mind when I thought of overrated things, with no particular order:

1)      The Detroit Tigers. Even though everyone may disagree, it just might be true. The opposing argument is “They’re in the World Series! There is no way they are overrated.” The Tigers are not overrated for being in the World Series; they are overrated because every analyst on TV continues to say that they might be the deepest and best team in baseball. All of those analysts are going to forget that was said when Sergio Romo is dancing to celebrate the World Series win. The Tigers did not win 90 games in the regular season, they struggled against the A’s, they got lucky and faced a disgraceful Yankee team, and now they are going to get rocked by the Giants. Also, Mike Trout for MVP!

2)      Mike Vick. Why is Andy Reid sticking with the guy? He has 8 TD’s and 17 turnovers this season. Even the lowly Matt Cassel has better stats than Vick. What I do not understand is why these terrible numbers surprise people. He had one solid half-season three years ago, but other than that he has been mediocre his entire time in the pros. Here are some career stats: 119 passing TD’s, 80 INT’s, 84 fumbles, and an 80.7 passer rating. Eagles fans, prepare to be disappointed by the time the playoffs roll around again.

3)      Big Ten football. Actually, scratch that. The conference is not overrated; every college football fan knows it sucks.

4)      Blake Griffin. The Clippers may have finally made the playoffs last year, but much of the credit should go to Chris Paul. Blake Griffin may have gravity-defying dunks, but outside of that, he is an average NBA player. His outside jumper is below average and his defense is mediocre, especially with the new anti-flopping policies. Expect him to be fined early in the season for hitting the deck when he should not be.

5)      Buffalo Wild Wings. Honestly, it is not nearly as great as the commercials or people describe it. I am disappointed every time I go, which is not often. If I wanted hotter waitresses, I would go to Hooters. If I wanted tastier wings, I would go to Wingstop. In addition, there are WAY too many TV’s; I get dizzy from the thousands of screens.

That raps it up. If you disagree with me, comment what you think. Tell me what else is overrated that I left off the list.

Written by Max Bricker


14 thoughts on “Overrated, Overpaid, Overhyped

  1. i feel the jets have called for alot less attention this year.. they brought in tebow which caused a lot of hype.. but give sexy rexy a break.. there were no superbowl garutees this year and he even tried to loose wait to be less visible..

    • Espn and sports center provide coverage for what the people want to see. If they didn’t, not as many people would watch. He gets so much coverage because he’s so likeable. But could you honestly name 5 better pfs than him?

  2. Blake Griffin isn’t overrated… He’s not popular because of his jumper or his defense; He’s the well-known and loved player he is just because of his freakish athleticism in his dunks and blocks and his hilarious sense of humor.

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