FOX… what are you doing?

These playoffs have been some of the best in MLB history, but the announcing has been disgraceful. When I watch these games I consider  watching with the TV on mute, but then I would not able to hear Joe Buck and Tim McCarver make complete fools of themselves. It is obvious how biased they are when they call the games, especially when the Cardinals are playing (since the two have ties with the Cards). Joe Buck wouldn’t have a job if it were not his father, and it is a mystery as to why Tim McCarver has lasted this long in the booth. What was he even doing last night when he made the “Barry Manilow” reference? He starts sentences having no idea where his train of thought is going, and ends up saying nonsense. Barry Zito has underperformed for many years, but Giant fans have still cheered for him more recently than they have cheered for Barry Manilow; be quiet, Tim.

The only thing keeping FOX’s broadcast from being a complete wreck is that Erin Andrews is the most beautiful woman on TV. She is so great. If Joe Namath hit on Suzie Kolber just imagine what he would do on the sidelines with Erin. Man, she is good-looking.

I have to mention it again- The Giants are putting on a route of the Kittens from Detroit. They have outscored the Tigers 10-3 and are now up 2-0, and they have not even sent their top two pitchers to the mound. Once Vogelsong and Cain hit the bump the Tigers are done. It was nice while it lasted, Detroit, but go you can go back to having losing sports teams. The Lions look like they were a fluke last year, hockey does not look like it is starting any time soon, the Tigers may get swept, and the dreadful Pistons are starting another year of losing basketball. Sorry Detroit.

written by Max Bricker


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