The Hunt for Orange October

I apologize for not coming up with a good article today, a field trip from 7 AM to 7 PM really screwed up my schedule. Luckily we got back in time to see a majority of Game 1 of the World Series. Three words. Pablo Eisler Sandoval. I am currently writing this article in the bottom of the 7th, with Marco Scutaro at the plate and Pablo on deck to attempt a fourth home run. Move over Reggie, we got a new Mr. October. Three home runs in the first three at-bats of a World Series?! First time in MLB history. By the way, he just hit another single to move Scutaro to third.

Giants 7, Tigers 1 in the 7th. What happened to Justin Verlander? 2002 Cy Young Award Winner Barry Zito  just straight out pitched last years’ MVP. One would think that Miggy Cabrera and Prince Fielder would perform well in the cold bay, considering all of the body fat they have; they are not, the Panda is the only fat guy who is handling the cold.

I need to get back and finish the game, more details on tonight’s game will be posted tomorrow. One last thing, Did I call it?

written by Max Bricker


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