Finding the key

The NHL lockout  is only 40 days old and has already canceled 135 games. The 82 game schedule is clearly not an option at this point and it is starting to look like the 2004 lockout when the entire season was canceled. The league is scheduled to announce another round of game cuts that could potentially affect the annual Winter Classic, which has become a huge money maker for the league.

It’s starting to feel like we will see lockouts in every sport quite frequently considering that this is the fourth lockout in 14 months. It started with NFL and NBA players last fall, than the NFL referees and now the NHL. It seems like a coincidence until you realize that Proskauer Rose law firm is now representing management in all four major men’s sports; the first time in history that this has happened. Now that we know they are throwing around millions of dollars just to make it rain, there seems to be no hope. Sorry guys, they make the fans seem like their biggest concern but it’s all about squeezing out the extra million dollars that will benefit the owners and hurt the fans and workers. At the end of the day all I ask is to see some hockey this season.

written by Lucas Zender


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