NBA Preview

The NBA is one week away. There are so many story lines this season that I might as well be following a soap opera. Of course with the season starting, here come the horrible “Kobe doesn’t pass”, and “Lebron James’ hairline” jokes. Unfortunately for all of us there will be no more jokes regarding Lebron James being ring-less, but thankfully Chris Bosh will always look like a dinosaur, so we have those jokes to look forward to.

As I stated on the show, the Lakers no doubt have the best starting 5 on paper, but a lineup alone doesn’t beat a young and hungry Oklahoma City Thunder or a reigning championship winning Miami Heat. Dwight Howard shouldn’t be stopped this year; especially if he listens to Nash and Kobe’s combined wisdom that is basically equal to that of Dumbledore. It will be interesting to see where the Lakers end up with their unbelievable off-season.

We also have all of the hype with the newly formed Brooklyn Nets finally coming to fruition. Anthony Davis is entering the league with the horrible caterpillar on his face that I may personally shave off if I ever see him. The Clippers, now that Chris Paul has had enough time to get used to the system, and the Celtics without Ray Allen dropping 3’s every time you blink.

The NBA has arrived; but let’s be honest, we are all just waiting for the playoffs, which are basically as long as the regular season anyways.

Seriously though Anthony please shave your unibrow.

written by Lucas Zender


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