Athlete DUI’s

Another sports figure got arrested today. No, it was not a Detroit Lion or Pac-Man Jones. Surprisingly, it was not any current professional athlete who was convicted of a DUI early this morning; it was 64-year-old Carlton Fisk. Way to go Carl, way to go. Most people thought of the Hall of Fame MLB catcher for his clutch home run, just inside the foul pole, against the Big Red Machine in the 1975 World Series. Now he is known for his best Randy Travis impersonation . Found unconscious in a corn field in Illinois, Fisk was behind the wheel of his truck with an open bottle of Vodka.

This just further goes to show why athletes are terrible role model for children; although most children today have no idea who Carlton Fisk is. The list of athletes with DUI’s is a long one, and it just got bigger. Congrats Carlton.

written by Max Bricker


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