Giant Game 7

Game 7 of the NLCS series is going to be gigantic. 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific. This is a very familiar spot for the Giants, considering they just completed this feat eleven days ago. They were down two games to none against the Reds, and won three in a row. Five days ago they were down three games to one, and here we are again. The World Series winning team in 2010 had a special feel to it, and it looks like Barry Zito put some of that same magic into this team with his game 5 performance. If Matt Cain comes through tonight like he is expected to, then this will be the first time in MLB history a team is on the brink of elimination and wins three straight to take the series… back to back. To come back from a 3-1 series deficit and win had only happened ten times through 2007 (including the 2004 Red Sox miracle over the Yankees and the infamous Steve Bartman ball with the Cubs), and now the Giants are going to do it twice in one year. Yeah, I said it. Buster Posey is going to break through like he did with his grand slam against the Reds, and Brian Wilson will do some weird things in the dugout to hype up Matt Cain. How many organisms are living in Brian Wilson’s beard? Regardless of the answer, expect a great baseball game tonight.

New Video coming directly after the game. Tune in.

written by Max Bricker


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