College Football Breakdown

Due to the lack of time, and most likely lack of reader interest as well, the conference-by-conference analysis will not happen. I really wanted to delve into the improved and underrated Pac-12 and the terrible Big-10, but a quick summary will be adequate. I was way off with my prediction of a Kansas State victory over West Virginia; it was an annihilation, not a barn burner. Geno Smith=overrated. He may have ridiculous numbers, but here is a number that sums up the team he is quarterbacking- In the past two weeks- Opponents: 104, West Virginia 28. All Heisman talks should be thrown out the window.

One surprise in the rankings is that Florida is ranked second in the nation. The SEC undoubtedly is not as good as years past, yet they still control the top two spots. Florida did earn the spot with the beat down of South Carolina and the Ole Ball Coach, but I like K-State to pass them up. The BCS Top-5 now stands as the following:

1)      Alabama

2)      Florida

3)      Kansas State

4)      Oregon

5)      Notre Dame

I like all those schools to be there when December rolls around; they stand out above the rest. The difference between the top-tier teams and the rest of the ranked teams is greater than ever, similar to the SEC as a conference. Let’s face it; anyone would take Alabama over any team any day. I am not a Nick Saban fan, but he is doing something right. That defense is so fast and physical that no team in the nation is going to score more than 17 points in a game this year. Have you seen an SEC game this year? The offenses are more pitiful and dysfunctional than a high school offense, and it is mainly due to the swarming defenses.

The only school that can give Alabama a run is Oregon, despite having a red shirt freshman quarterback. They are the only school that can drop 50 points in one half, and don’t tell me Geno Smith could do it too. Oregon is the most underrated team at their spot as fourth in the nation, as well as the rest of the Pac-12. Two Oregon schools in the Top-7? That is unheard of. On top of that, add the fact that USC and Stanford are highly ranked. Why the conference allowed Colorado to join is a mystery, it was almost as bad of a decision as the Red Sox hiring Bobby Valentine.

Eight weeks are down and many big games are left, and this is where the “pretender” teams will be weeded out. I expect the Top-5 to stay intact, and Alabama to be there in the end. Shocking, isn’t it? As to who will join them, my guess is Oregon. What are your predictions? Give me the ideal match-up for the Championship. One last note: Thank God the playoff system is coming soon.

Written by Max Bricker


4 thoughts on “College Football Breakdown

  1. Oregon v. Bama would be awesome. I am not a big Nick Saban fan, and love seeing roll tide lose. But they do demand respect. I just hope Florida is what their ranking says they are, and they give them a good fight in the SEC title game… but i have doubts.

  2. i would love to see oregon take on bam. Honestly its the only team that can give bama a run for their money. Im getting sick of all this bama talk i just want them to be shut up and humbled for once

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