Ridiculous Referees

Wait a minute, the replacement refs are gone right? Today I really was unsure who was wearing the stripes. I previously mentioned how when I was little I would write David Stern and Bud Selig complaining about how the refs were sabotaging the games of my favorite teams. It’s a good thing the Broncos had a bye week today, otherwise Mr. Goodell would most likely be receiving something in the mail soon.

The main reason the Cowboys didn’t blow a lead (like usual) is that the refs seemed like they were betting against the panthers. There are examples every week of terrible calls that alter games.

The real refs are back now, but has there been any improvement in how games are called since week 3? The replacement refs were admittedly awful, but at least it was humorous to see them stutter on the mic saying “Holding… 93…. Red”. That took place in the Bronco v. Falcon game, when the ref forgot the name of the home team! They may have made a few bad calls, but that happens to the actual refs as well. Plus, they were doing the jobs for a lot less money than these greedy real refs. They are probably back at their real jobs refereeing the lingerie league already, but I say bring back the phony refs! who needs these overrated zebras.

written by Max Bricker


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