Is This the Real Life?

Considering tomorrow is Sunday, I am guessing a good percentage of you are preparing for something that is very real: Fantasy Football. The game has swept the nation, and fantasy geeks are everywhere. It can be very entertaining, yet so damn frustrating at the same time. Continue reading to see why fantasy football is the best, and worse, thing that has happened to NFL fans.

I play fantasy football. I have for several years now, but whether I will in the future is up to debate. For those who do not know what fantasy football is and are looking for an explanation, look it up because I do not have the time to explain it.

ESPN has devoted a lot of effort into fantasy; they now have several analysts who strictly talk about the topic, a job that did not exist ten years ago. The NFL has benefited from fantasy in many ways, yet it has ruined some aspects of the sport. It has turned the casual fan into obsessed lunatics who watch every game to see how their players are doing, which produces lots of TV revenue. But it has also brought tough decisions to the loyal fans. If your favorite team is having a great day against their rival, but the rival has a key fantasy player of yours, who do you root for? It is difficult it to be a true fan and be a dominant force at fantasy, one must compromise to have both.

I am not saying fantasy football is some big conspiracy, but i do think it has damaged the integrity of the NFL. What do you fantasy nerds have to say? Am I wrong? A boycott would be a bit extreme, but maybe fans should consider not getting so worked up to play an online fantasy game. It is pretty pathetic, almost as bad a World of Warcraft freaks. Do not try to convince me that is not true, it is.

Written by Max Bricker


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