Kevin not so Love-ly

Two days ago I partially tore my Achilles tendon playing rugby, now my day consists of limping around our extremely hilly campus on crutches and wasting my life away with video games and netflix. This might not sound too bad for some of you, but as an athlete, when you’re injured it is extremely difficult. Everything you know and everything you do is taken away and you have to rebuild. Fortunately that’s not what this article is about; this article is a tribute to the dumbest sports injuries out there recently.

The reason I came about this topic was the news of Kevin Love missing 6-8 weeks due to breaking his hand doing knuckle push ups. This isn’t as ridiculous as Matt Holliday leaving a game last year after a moth flew into his ear, but I find it unbelievable that NBA players have every resource right in front of them, regarding working out and staying healthy, and Kevin gets hurt doing knuckle push ups. Come on Kevin.

This brings us back to Amare Stoudemire’s infamous fire extinguisher punch that landed him riding pine in game 3 of the Heat-Knicks series. Again, come on Amare.

I feel down in the dumps with my injury, but I can’t imagine how dumb they feel being paid multimillion dollar contracts, having thousands of fans, tons of pressure, and having to explain how you hurt your knee while turning to see your son in your backyard. Ya, come on David Garrard.

Sports injuries suck, and I have empathy for hurt athletes, but at least get hurt by actually playing your sport.

Written by Lucas Zender


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