ESPN what are you doing?

As I was walking back to my dorm from a long day of terrible classes, I was looking forward to turning on the TV and see what sports ESPN was showing. As it turns out, ESPN was not showing any sports, neither was ESPN2. The two stations were broadcasting the WNBA and something called the “Crossfit Games”….Seriously? Yesterday we talked about how great the sports world is going, and ESPN is blowing it.

First off, why does the WNBA exist? I am not being sexist; I am being realistic. They draw a smaller crowd than a little league baseball game.

Second, does anybody know what the Crossfit Games are? We are all for covering sports that most networks ignore and instead talk football; that is we are about here at the Penthouse. However, there are so many better options to show at this time. Come on ESPN, get it together! No wonder the shockingly beautiful Erin Andrews left.

If you disagree with me, and think that ESPN should be showing these programs, let me know and comment. If you agree with me, and think it is ridiculous, write which sports you think ESPN should show. Even though the baseball playoffs are on FOX and TBS, I expect better from what Dan Patrick calls, “The Mother ship.” Send your thoughts.

Written by Max Bricker


11 thoughts on “ESPN what are you doing?

  1. derek, yeah the other problem with ESPN is that not only do they focus on just one sport, they focus on just a hanful of teams. I’m so tired of hearing about the ravens and jets all the time. hayes, college foorball article coming later today!

  2. I agree. I think they should make another channel (similar to ESPN 8-The Ocho like on Dodgeball) for sports that are not as popular. These sports could include Crossfit, WNBA, bowling, billiards, etc. However, the only problem with this is that ESPN, ESPNEWS, and ESPN2 are going to get VERY repetitive on some of the major sports. I am getting tired of ESPN repeating themselves. It is impossible to watch ESPN for an hour without hearing anything getting repeated.

  3. Not gonna lie, extreme crossfit athletes are probably the most athletic people alive. The games might not be entertaining, but you have to give it up for the athletes.

  4. lance that comment was so great. i got respect for the crossfit guys, i just dont want to watch it. The rain is killin us! and dont worry tawny… we’ll try to keep cycling talk to a minimum. enough guys hate on lance armstrong as it is

  5. Crossfit is intense strength and endurance training. workouts are short but they are fucking hard! Day after a crossfit swimming workout and your legs are jellooo.

  6. I had the same thing dude. Since both baseball games are rained out, I changed it to ESPN. I saw the WNBA was on and I changed it after like five seconds haha no one wants to watch girls basketball. The crossfit games are alright though. I’d rather watch something else, but it’s entertaining at least. Those guys are beasts. Hopefully the game in St. Louis comes back on…. the Cards were about to break it open. I’m a dodger fan, so I love watching SF lose.

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