College Football: Moving Up in the Rank-ings

Due to viewer requests, the big topic today is college football. This is exactly what I am looking for on this site! Tell us on here at the penthouse what you want to hear, tell us if you agree, and tell us what we need to improve upon. One stat worth noting: through less than 24 hours, there have already been 725+ views on the site. That is badass. Keep it up, and get this number in the several thousands.

The BCS polls came out for the first time early this week. If you ask me, BCS stands for the Blown Call Standings… not the Bowl Championship Series. I am pretty sure Stanford would agree with me on that one too. I have hated referees ever since I could walk; I was the strange eight year old kid that would write essays to the NBA and MLB complaining that the refs are the reason my teams were not winning championships. I am not a Stanford fan (despite my good friend Grant Verhoeven being a freshman on the basketball team), but they got jipped.

Regardless of the terrible OT call, I have to tip my hat to Notre Dame. They are now officially back. A majority of you readers may hate them; probably for the same reason most of the nation hates Duke, because you jerks do not appreciate great teams in college athletics history. Expect articles about the Blue Devils this winter, Coach K has my vote on just about everything.  Anyways, Brian Kelly has the Irish fighting again. Most of the credit is due to the inspirational talks of TE Troy Niklas. An incredible pep rally video will be posted. Do not hate on the undefeated Irish, they have one of the toughest schedules in college football this year, with two top-ten match ups still on the upcoming schedule. They may not compete for the Championship, but they have made huge progress this year.

The SEC is down this year. Despite TV analysts constantly hyping the conference up, it is not nearly as stacked as previous years. Let’s face it, Alabama is by far the best team in the country. However, the remaining teams in the conference are not the top-tier teams they were in the past few years!  Take a look at the other conferences!

This college football talk has gotten me all hyped up now, but I have to pause. Here is what is going to happen: over the next few days, I will go through every BCS conference and analyze the teams as well as the conference as a whole. It will surprise you how some conferences are actually very different from how they appear in the rankings. You are not going to want to miss these articles, so keep tuning in.

Written by Max Bricker


2 thoughts on “College Football: Moving Up in the Rank-ings

  1. whats your thoughts about West Virginia and Geno Smith? think he will bounce back? Or do you K state will take it to the WV defense? I’m a huge Geno fan his numbers are out of this world but watching last weeks game really got me thinking about this big game they have in front of themselves.

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