Wanted: Matt Holiday

NLCS Game 2, Giants v. Cardinals, could have turned real ugly. It was already pretty damn ugly, for cardinals fans at least. The biggest play of the game came in the top of the 5th inning, when Matt Holiday did his best Ty Cobb impression (in sliding cleats up), and took out Marco Scutaro. Ninety years ago, maybe that’s acceptable; today, that crosses way over the line. Scutaro has been a key asset to the Giants’ success, and Holliday had no problem with making him lay on the ground in pain. And trust me, Scutaro wasn’t pulling an Italian soccer player bullcrap, he was hurt.

Matt Holliday is lucky the New Orleans Saints are an NFL team, and not an MLB team. If they were, and they were playing against St. Louis right now, there would be a $5,000 dollar bill on Matt’s left ear hole when he’s at the plate. Holliday would have a bounty set on him the second the players get back to the clubhouse, regardless of how much Jonathon Vilma would deny it.

Luckily for Holliday, the Cardinals are playing against the San Fran Giants. I don’t think manager Bruce Bochy would give Matt Cain the signal to plunk Holliday in the next game; there is way too much at stake in the postseason. It might not come at the plate, but the Giants will revenge Marco Scutaro. The incident fired up the Giants in Game 2, and expect them to keep rollin’ through game 7 (assuming it takes them that long). Matt Holliday, as well as the rest of the Cards, watch out.

-written by Max Bricker


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