US Soccer. Is it time for you to care?

It continues to amaze me how the most watched and arguably the best sport in the world is still considered a second-tier sport in the US. There was a shimmer of hope when the US tied a world respected England team and won their group in the 2010 World Cup. That gained America’s attention. Unfortunately the US went on to lose to Ghana and simultaneously lose most of America’s interest. If you are anything like my entire college dorm and myself then you love playing FIFA. It’s the greatest video game out there and one of the only reasons that most of my friends can name any soccer players. So again, why do Americans not watch soccer like the rest of the world?

Today the US soccer team defeated Guatemala 3-1 in a World Cup qualifier behind Clint Dempsey’s 2 goals and an assist. This further solidifies Dempsey’s reputation as their most valuable player, and shows that when he performs the rest of the team performs as well. Don’t get your hopes up yet soccer fans. This shows that the US is going in the right direction, but we are still far from being a top notch soccer team. I challenge every one of you to show some support in the lead up to the 2014 World cup. Imagine if America focused on soccer as much as we focus on football or baseball, we would undoubtedly secure our spot on the top of the world’s most popular sport. Personally, I think it is time to care America.

Written by Lucas Zender


4 thoughts on “US Soccer. Is it time for you to care?

  1. A successful World Cup run, even making it to the finals, would be HUGE for the sport in the US. Your point on the popularity of the women’s team coming from their recent success is spot on, and Alex Morgan being really, really, ridiculously good looking is probably even more of a factor. Regardless, the fact that we are talking about it shows it’s building up a following. Keep the comments coming we’re loving it!

  2. I agree, it’s sad soccer is not as big in America as it is in other countries. I feel like the women’s US team is pretty popular because they have had a lot of success in recent years. They also have a young rising star in forward Alex Morgan who is exciting to watch and is also smokin’ hot. With that said, I think it’s going to take some success from the men’s team (like a 2014 World Cup win) for Americans to jump on the soccer bandwagon and consider it a serious sport. Assuming the US qualifies, I hope they can put together a magical run and at least make the World Cup final! It’s a longshot, but that’s what it’s going to take for Americans to treat soccer as an elite sport.

  3. I agree completely, Americans have to be entertained for a full game. That is even why a lot of Americans don’t like baseball; they don’t see how great the game of baseball truly is, we only want to see action. And yes, FIFA completely any other video game to shame.

  4. What i think the reason why soccer is not as popular in America as it is in other countries is because look at all the other sports we have with all the big names… Not saying soccer does not but in other countries the big time players are all on the soccer teams. Like Christiano Ronaldo for Portugal he is like the Kobe of soccer. People just don’t get soccer and most people hate watching a game of any type with a low score, people like watching games with a lot of scoring and acton. Soccer on the other hand does not allow the high scoring aspect that really grabs the attention of many americans. By the way FIFA is the bet sports game ever made totally agree!

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